Intelligent Receivables and Collections Management

The key to efficiency, automation. Automating the collections and deductions process is a sure way to improve efficiency, do more with less staff, and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).


9ci’s Web-based Receivables & Collection Management (RCM) establishes and monitors your collection strategy with a streamlined, automated cash collection process — providing an accurate picture of open receivables and resolving thousands of outstanding invoices. RCM ensures that all essential customer information is in one place, on one screen, so you will always know your total exposure while on the phone with a customer. The system allows you to target, tailor, and automate your efforts to improve your collection effectiveness and time to resolution. RCM automatically records the history of all activity and notes.

DCS allows A/R staff to spend more time collecting valid cash instead of dealing with paper agings and the never-ending dispute resolution process, with the proven ability to:

  • Lower DSO and increase cash flow
  • Create and manage a customized collection strategy workflow
  • Automate repetitive responsibilities & manual tasks associated with the collection process
  • Establish rules and parameters in the work queue to enforce standard procedures and direct day-to-day operations
  • Prioritize faxing and calling based on customer types to guide collectors through the next appropriate course of action
  • Proactively manage receivables
  • Determine collector performance and view DSO by collector, business unit and more
  • Spot patterns in real-time and resolve issues immediately
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Don Shannon

Don Shannon

Principal - Interior Investments, LLC

9ci's system eliminated our antiquated manual systems and offline spreadsheets and provided our collection professionals and supervisors with timely, accurate and usable real time data. Before 9ci, we wasted the majority of our time researching and accumulating data and now we invest our time analyzing the data and acting on the information. We chose 9ci because it presented a compelling economic value equation while delivering the information and results that our competitive industry demands.

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Performance Optimization

Our solutions run fast! SUPER fast. We process a huge number of checks and invoices every day. We recognize the importance in performance optimization and have a dedicated R&D team that focuses on speed. Whether its ensuring a user never has to wait for that screen to come up after clicking a button or ensuring that batch of 100,000 checks get processes within the hour.

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Complex Integrations

We excel in complex integrations. We've connected to 100's of systems. From legacy sytems to banks to you customers AP to well established ERPs. We know how to push and pull the data needed to effectively manage your A/R. We have well established API interfaces to most of the major ERPS solutions.

If exposing or consuming APIs isn't your thing, we've got your back.

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