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Companies that are not using automatic cash application software to expedite collection and deduction resolution are giving competitors a potential advantage and leaving themselves at the mercy of their customers’ payment processes and schedules. Where credit departments of the past were accustomed to a few days’ lag time between payment receipt and cash application, auto cash software can reduce that window to just minutes.


9ci’s Auto Cash/Cash Application Software (CAS) integrates tightly with Accounts Receivable (A/R) systems and enables organizations to automatically apply over 90% of cash receipts from a variety of sources, including lockbox, ACH, EDI, locally received cash payments, and custom file downloads from customer web sites. This solution will effectively and efficiently solve your unique cash receipt processing needs.

An integrated cash application, collection, and deduction management system provides the audit trail and visibility to settle any disputed items. If a customer claims to have paid an invoice with a certain check number, the complete history of receipt, deductions and invoices paid can be reviewed for immediate resolution. Short pays in the case of invalid cash discounts, for example, can be consolidated for later collection. Freight and ad allowances can be established for customers and be automatically cleared as they come in on the remittance. Deductions can be automatically coded, routed, and even cleared before creating and leaving them open on the A/R, thus cutting down the number of open transactions and keeping the A/R as clean as possible.

If your company is still applying cash manually, do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Payments often reference bad, truncated, or incorrect invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, etc.
  • Rising levels of deductions and chargebacks are consuming increasing amounts of staff time and resources
  • Users are stuck with a non-existent or clumsy import interface for lockbox, Excel, automated clearinghouse (ACH), and electronic data interchange (EDI) deposits and invoice information
  • Multiple ERP systems and/or system migrations (often the result of mergers or acquisitions) cause delayed payment application, and additional accounting cleanup
  • Customer number and other coding required by A/R can’t map to checks encoded with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
  • Coding, tracking and rolling up deductions or unearned discounts is impossible
  • You routinely send multiple invoices to the same customers
  • Customers take undeserved discounts that then should be disputed and collected back but there is no visibility into the data
  • Documents attached to payments are meant to satisfy accounts payable needs, not your receivables needs.

Auto Cash/Cash Application allows companies to simplify their daily cash process, with the proven ability to:

  • Decrease the time and cost of manually entering payments, clearing invoices, and creating deductions; reducing processing time and labor by over 75%.
  • Reduce the number of people involved in the daily cash application process, thus freeing up staff time for more strategic activities.
  • Facilitate faster and more judicious clearing of invoices, resulting in accurate DSO numbers, customer agings and collections stats.
  • Reduce the value and quantity of open chargebacks.
  • Identify customer payment trends and excessive small item write-offs.
  • Validate cash discounts against client terms and produce BillBack documents for unearned cash discounts taken.
  • Establish and automate predefined small balance write offs — specific to customer or customer type — by amount or percentage of invoice.
  • Accommodate multi-division or multi-ERP environments where a single payment spans multiple systems – while handling all intra-company accounting properly.
  • Automatically import lockbox, ACH, and EDI and any other (Website, Excel…) data, and re-associate if the remittance data arrives separate from the check itself.
  • Automatically replace incorrect invoice numbers via matching algorithms.
  • Automatically insert customer number and other coding required by A/R systems.
  • Capture deduction details, translate customer’s reason codes to your codes, capture descriptions and quantities.
  • Automatically create accounting entries: (i.e., debit memos for deductions and credit memos for overpayment or on-account transactions).
  • Automate Credit Memo – Debit Memo matching and netting.
  • Reduce reliance on IT for daily and monthly issues.
  • Provides segregation of duties and a clear audit trail to aid in Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance efforts.
  • Provide reporting, analysis and ad-hoc query tools to monitor your key business metrics.
  • Set and maintain standardized, predefined rules to keep the A/R clean and clear
  • Our software 'learns' your customer’s payment patterns
  • Our system matches invoices to checks like your most experienced applier
  • You can set flexible business rules by class or customer
  • Auto-code common shortpays (such as tax or freight)
  • Allow or chargeback discounts based on flexible business rules Create deductions to drive workflow
  • Automatic write-off within tolerance amounts
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Mercy Oldham

Mercy Oldham

Accounts Receivable Manager - TTI, Inc.

9ci has been a terrific partner for many years with great ROI. They really listen to our needs and are always there to help – excellent customer service. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for their professional help, above and beyond the call of duty. They made our cash application process significantly efficient. I highly recommend their products and services.

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Our solutions run fast! SUPER fast. We process a huge number of checks and invoices every day. We recognize the importance in performance optimization and have a dedicated R&D team that focuses on speed. Whether its ensuring a user never has to wait for that screen to come up after clicking a button or ensuring that batch of 100,000 checks get processes within the hour.

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We excel in complex integrations. We've connected to 100's of systems. From legacy sytems to banks to you customers AP to well established ERPs. We know how to push and pull the data needed to effectively manage your A/R. We have well established API interfaces to most of the major ERPS solutions.

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