Slack - raplacement to Reply To All emails. Workplace communication

Group communication can be manageable

Slack is one of many chat-like interfaces that focuses on effective communication in the workplace. Unlike other popular apps that use one by one direct messaging, slack is famous for its channels and groups. Back in a day when I heard about “group messaging” I was getting grey hair. The only group messaging was either reply to all emails or being member of the group email address (like support or developers). We all know what nightmare it is to get dozens of emails you might only be partially interested in. It clutters your inbox and you might be missing important emails in between. Yes, there is a way to create folders in your inbox but maintaining it is a nightmare. With slack you can have channels for different topics. You categorize conversations into channels; specific project communications or fun and social channels to build relationships with your teammates. On top of that you can set notification for each channel so you are not bombarding with each message and when someone needs your attention in the chain they can tag / @mention you so you can reply. You can also create different settings for Slack desktop notifications and the Slack mobile app.

You don’t have to handle slack like you do with emails, slack handles itself.

Slack me

Slack is so popular in many organizations that it became a verb itself. Quick question that needs a fast answer can be slacked without big email structure like “Hi John … Thank you … Signature …”. Slack is more like dialogue not a letter. Slack me, slack it to me, call me on slack, share screen on slack, etc. It sounds cool but it can be very distracting; you have to be smart how ofen you allow others to slack you, you don’t want to be getting pop ups and beeps on your computer or phone all the time. Slack was supposed to improve your productivity. During your focus time use do not disturb option so others will be aware and not checking every minute with you if you got it.

Slack is the best option for teams of any size. We slack each other if we sit across the room or across the globe. Team collaboration is finally organized and searchable. It is fun to chat with your coworkers.

Thank you Slack for productive way of communicating with others and killing “reply to all” email nightmare.

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