Coronavirus killing your cash app productivity

Coronavirus killing your cash app productivity?

Is the coronavirus and the new telework reality killing your cash app productivity? You need to leverage technology to keep your head above water. With 9ci’s AI-driven cash application, you can get the productivity boost you need while your staff works from home.

We bring your lockboxes in overnight. Using OCR and our proprietary AI based algorithms, we’ll match your customer’s checks and remittance advice to your open items. Partial invoice numbers, or alternate numbers, such as PO numbers, are no problem. The system is configured to automatically handle common exceptions:

  • Short pays
  • Overpays
  • Discounts
  • Deductions

This includes validating allowed discounts, charging back invalid discounts and deductions, using tolerances to avoid cluttering your AR and auto-coding common deductions for speedy processing. Other exceptions can also be handled automatically per your business rules or flagged for manual intervention.

We are cloud based, so you can be up and running quickly with minimal IT involvement. You can opt to use our GUI, or we can format a standard payment/remittance import file for your ERP, so you can manage cash posting and manual batches just the way you do today.

Get the relief you need. Let 9ci do the heavy lifting (up to 90% of the work) and your folks can login in the morning and focus on what you really need them to do.

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