Our Mission

Simplify A/R complexity, improve cash-flow and free our customers to work better

We believe ...

Accounting and ERP solutions have become complicated. They take to long to install, are difficult to learn and its challenging to get timely information.

We believe software should be intelligent, effective, faster and as simple as possible so our customers have the freedom to work better, make more informed decisions and improve their cash-flow

We believe that A/R, the process of invoicing and getting paid, should be easy.

Our mission is to simplify A/R complexity, improve cash-flow and free our customers to work better

A chart showing performance improvements
A chart showing performance improvements

Our Focus = P.A.I.D

Paid faster - We help our customer's to get their invoices paid faster

Apply smarter- We enable a faster and more intelligent cash application process

Invoice the "Greenbill" way - Online, via email or sending on recycled paper

Disputes & Deductions - We make it easier to monitor, manage and reduce invoice disputes & deductions.

Our Values

We constantly cross check the sanity of our actions against our purpose, focus and our values.

keep it SANE and feel the VIBE


Unnecessary complexity stinks and we strive to make things as simple as they should be, but no simpler.


We sense change before it happens and respond quickly to that change


We make sure our focus and our current spending is necessary right now to achieve our goals. We avoid shaving Yaks and we don’t buy Yaks that are already bald


An entrepreneur is spontaneously creative and finds new, innovative and smarter solutions to work better. Entrepreneurs work hard but we are always looking for ways to work smarter to accomplish our goals.

Valued Results

We are measured by How much, How quickly and How well we get things done, especially under a tight deadline. We are not measured by how many weekends and nights are spent sitting in our cubes. Our customers can depend on us, we can depend on each other and we can all depend on our solutions to get the job done.

Improvement & intelligence

Change is inevitable and getting too comfortable is dangerous. We are never satisfied with the status quo and we never get stagnant. We are always learning, always improving and always growing

Be Fun

We value being fun and at times we might even be a little weird. We are not a boring company that has a stuffy, pessimistic vibe. Fun breads creativity and innovation. Fun keeps us sane while trying to hit a tight deadline. A little “Fun” simply makes it more fun to work hard towards our goals

Ethically Strong

Do unto others as you would have done to you. Listen, ask questions, admit mistakes and don’t be evil. We think that changing the world is possible a little at a time.

Team members working together

We're hiring!

Working at 9ci is pretty awesome. What are commited to bettering ourselves, our team, and the solutions we provide to our customers. We're always on the lookout for passionate experts in their craft. Check out some current opportunities:

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