Kolcraft Takes Charge of Deductions and Cash Application

Faced with mounting chargebacks and deductions exacerbated by lagging cash application times, this Chicago-based manufacturer was able to slash processing time while boosting credit and A/R performance using an automated solution.


Duke Today is a hub for news produced around Duke University. Articles are produced by staff and faculty across the university and health system to comprise a one-stop-shop for news from around Duke.

Project highlights

  • Content migration

  • Custom module development

  • User experience enhancement

  • Dockerized deployment

The Objective

Given the prolonged project history that had gone through two development agencies, when design agency and fellow Durham natives Cuberis asked Savas Labs to partner, our edict was to determine what was complete and what remained so we could deliver the finished product to an eager client as soon as possible.

Our Approach

We began the engagement with a standard audit assessing system quality and functional completion. Once we were better oriented with organizational goals and remaining work, we used an automated testing framework to ensure protection of crucial business goals during the fast-paced development that was required. We collaborated daily with the Cuberis team to tie the established user experience with our functional improvements. We implemented system monitoring and staged work on Duke’s cutting-edge custom hosting infrastructure using Docker containerization to enlist consistent feedback from all stakeholders throughout.

Kolcraft Corp website on various devices

The Results

With a focus on swift execution, we delivered the quality the Duke brand demands efficiently while surfacing valuable investments in best practices for security, monitoring and performance. The results were celebrated across the University. In four months, we took sixteen years and 120,000 articles worth of rich inter-departmental content and, through Cuberis’s thoughtful design, made it more engaging and accessible for the broad and distributed Duke community.

Patricia Duffee

Patricia Duffee

Director of Credit - Kolcraft

One of the reasons that we went with 9ci is that we felt really comfortable with not only their product, but 9ci as a company. They were able to work with us patiently and really took the time to understand our unique business challenges

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