Leading The Industry.

9ci, Inc. is an industry leading developer of accounts receivable software applications, A/R consulting and custom implementation focused entirely on your accounts receivable effectiveness. 9ci provides standalone and integrated applications for deduction and receivables management, cash posting automation, open invoice tracking and integrated reporting. 9ci delivers fully customizable software and extensive consulting to positively affect your customer relationships, profitability, and efficiency. Providing business solutions to your accounts receivables problems is our only business. Period.

It’s Your Money.

In today’s nearly real-time business environment, better communication across departments and better communications with your customers is essential. Unfortunately, many credit departments are hamstrung by manual processes and struggle to effectively manage these important relationships. With 9ci’s user work queues, contact with customers can be automated before overdue receivables become delinquent or uncollectible, reducing conflicts and improving customer relations. With true visibility across all departments, open invoices and unearned discounts can be monitored, regulated and reduced which adds to your bottom line

The Data Interface Experts.

Integrating 9ci as a bolt-on module for your existing ERP systems, is designed to be as easy as possible, for both your information technology staff and your accounts receivables department. We provide both database-to-database (ODBC/OLE DB, Oracle DBLink) and file interfaces for connecting 9ci to external applications. With experience in both mainstream and “home grown” ERP systems, 9ci can integrate with your existing data. With 9ci’s full “drill down” reporting capabilities on every data element, your visibility into key metrics is unrivaled. Keeping your company focused on business profitability is the focus of 9ci.

Deduction and
Collection Management

Automating the deduction and collection process is a sure way to increase efficiency, do more with less staff and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).

Cash Application

9ci’s Auto Cash/Cash Application Software enables organizations to apply over 90% of cash receipts from a variety of sources, bank 823, EDI 820 & more, automatically.

green billing charts

Business Insight
and Analytics

Business Insight is a business intelligence application for accounts receivable that provides unsurpassed credit decision support and analysis capabilities.

data import export

Your Data
Simple Import & Export

We provide both database-to-database (ODBC/OLE DB, Oracle DBLink) and file interfaces for connecting 9ci to your external data sources and applications.


Who We Are.

9ci, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise applications for revenue, trade, and receivables management to the CPG industry. 9ci provides fully customizable, software and consulting positively affecting retailer relationships, profitability, and efficiency. Our application suite has provided companies with fully integrated automated cash application, chargeback/deduction control, collections management, and trade fund management. Wrapped around this application suite is Business Insight, a dashboard view into your key performance indicators, analytics, and end user reporting to stay on top of important issues and make real-time decisions. 9ci has the ability to provide a full “Credit-to-Cash Solution (CCS)” including the option to partially or completely outsource your accounts receivable process. Our customers benefit from preventing, recovering, and collecting invalid deductions and chargebacks, reduced DSO, increased cash flow, decreased operating costs, and better customer relations.