Business Insight Dashes & Analytics

Better business through better visibility.

Business Insight is a business intelligence application for accounts receivable that provides unsurpassed credit decision support and analysis capabilities, enabling credit managers to review and monitor collector and analyst activity in real time. An indispensable tool for problem resolution, Business Insight gives credit managers in all industries “insight” into the root causes behind their receivables challenges.

Make better informed decisions.

Simply put, Business Insight allows you to make better informed management decisions, delivering reliable, easy-to-access business information without staff assistance. Business Insight is used for customized point-and-click analysis for payments, deductions and chargebacks, collections, and trade promotions. It provides an audit trail of every customer activity and purchase, allowing for a better understanding of customer buying preferences, which can assist in anticipating customers’ evolving expectations. Manipulate and derive data for analysis by applying analytical operations such as ratios, cumulative totals, trends, and allocations across numerous dimensions and hierarchical levels.


Reports that have traditionally been time and process-intensive to run can be produced with just a few keystrokes. The dynamic, multidimensional analytical tool allows credit managers to:

  • Receive instant insight to critical performance information centered on revenue and receivables
  • Increase profit margins by spotting sales and costing trends with easy-to-use product and cost-to-serve analysis tools
  • Customize personal daily dashboards
  • Access real-time reporting/query information anytime, anywhere
  • Deliver a full range of financial reports from scoreboards to dashboards to organizational reports
  • Reduce reliance on IT and spreadsheet creation resources
  • Plan, forecast, and get answers based on what-if scenarios and ad-hoc analysis
  • Help increase sales force productivity

With a rapidly growing business, an ever-changing marketplace, and increased competition, companies need a powerful, quick return-on-investment solution for instant decision support. Spend your time analyzing and using your true information instead of trying to piece it together.

“Work invested is now captured in a live database, which brings all the key information together in one place. The bottom line is we are no longer experiencing the frustration of trying to manage 40,000 paper files or the difficulty of trying to connect the dots represented by multiple spreadsheets and ad hoc queries to assess.”

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