Apparel and Footwear

Sure, deductions have become a profit center for retailers, but it’s YOUR money and you can get it back. Many deductions are invalid, and many chargebacks are preventable – but without an integrated collection and deduction management system in place, you are at the mercy of your customers.

9ci is the leading provider of enterprise applications for revenue, trade, and receivables management to the apparel & footwear industry, with the capability to fully integrate with and enhance your ERP system. Whether you need an auto-cash application, deduction/chargeback management, collections management, trade promotion management, or business intelligence for your receivables data, 9ci can help you overcome the following challenges:

Deductions should not be the cost of doing business in the apparel & footwear industry.

  • Tracking, analyzing, and managing customer deductions and chargebacks
  • Juggling trade promotions and sales deal spreadsheets
  • Resolving items related to ads, pricing, and markdowns
  • Eliminating compliance deductions
  • Automating cash and remittance processing to achieve a 94%+ hit rate
  • Recovering and collecting invalid deductions and chargebacks


As a silver partner member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), 9ci serves the needs of the apparel and footwear industry and we take great pride in contributing to the success and growth of each company we do business with.

“9ci has saved us over $2.5 Million by assisting in our accounts receivable re-engineering efforts. They have been crucial to the productivity of our financial software systems.”

– John Kuhn, Chief Financial Officer, Heyman Corporation

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