Data Importing and Exporting

It’s your data, use it.

9ci is the industry expert in database mapping, push/pull and history data conversions. By using all of your data elements 9ci can provide functionality which the competitors just can’t. Instead of accepting that your company’s ERP system can’t be tweaked to accommodate your cash application and deductions tracking needs, why not implement a software package that can? 9ci provides a full suite of credit automation tools that won’t require drastic changes to your existing IT infrastructure.

Integrating 9ci as a bolt-on module for existing ERP systems is designed to be as easy as possible for information technology staff. We provide both database-to-database (ODBC/OLE DB, Oracle DBLink) and file interfaces for connecting 9ci to external applications. The database, application, and Business Objects servers can be standalone, or may be installed on the same server if the server specifications are adequate. What’s more, the client workstation requirements are fairly minimal by today’s standards (Pentium II 300MHz).

Full 9ci software upgrades are available approximately twice per year. The upgrade process, including testing, is usually finished within two weeks. 9ci is available for Windows, Unix, Linux, or AS/400 DB2 environments*.

*Business Objects server must run on a Windows platform.